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Current radiation protection regulations focus on protecting individuals from any possibility of an adverse health effect at any time after exposure, but do not consider how human populations might be affected by unintended consequences. Evacuation after a radiation release might seem prudent if there is any uncertainty of health effects but the benefit of evacuation must be balanced against the certainsocietal impact of the evacuation.
Various international organizations have worked to understand and mitigate the adverse effects of evacuations caused by the tsunami and nuclear reactor failures at Fukushima.
The Sory of Four Years of Dialogue for the Rehabilitation of Living Conditions in the Areas Contaminated by the Fukushima Accident
ICRP Fukushima Dialogue
KOTOBA Dialogues In Fukushima
Ryoko Ando
Ethics of Radiation Exposure
Nuclear Accident Death Tolls

Quotes from Dialogue Participants

Christopher H. Clement
Scientifc Secretary
. . . at that time [the first Dialogue] there was a lot of anger, frustration, very obvious shouting in the room, difficult discussions about what should be done, a lot of anxiety, and a lot of disappointment to - "anger" is probably the best word, toward the government, toward TEPCO, and toward the general situation. People were really frustrated.

Jean Christopohe Gariel
Head, Environmental Protection Division
Having taken part in my first Dialogue seminar, I changed my perspective, my "glasses" so to speak from a technical viewpoint to one that encompasses all of the problems that arose from the nuclear accident, be they social, economic, or to do with the destructuring of society, as we've seen in the Fukushima region.

Motoichi Kanno
Iitate Village
By taking the appropriate measures, based on a right assessment of the situation, then life can go on. That's what I took from the Dialogue seminar.

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