Beethoven Schottische Lieder

Beethoven's settings of Scottish folksongs, Op 108, like those of Joseph Haydn (CNT 1021), constitute microcosms of the complex relationship between artistic ideals, fashion of the day and entrepreneurial spirit. George Thomson, who had also comissioned similar arrangements from Haydn, initially criticized Beethoven's settings (some of which Haydn had also arranged) as too demanding in the piano parts. Beethoven for his part, criticized Thomson for providing him only the melodies of the songs w/o their texts. Amid considerable conflict and effort, the charming and highly varied collection finally took shape in the years 1815-16, published by Thomson in 1818. The CD whcih also contains the Piano trio WoO 39 and the Rondo in C, Op. 51 Nr. 1 for fortepiano, presents a compelling sequel to the Haydn Scottish songs (CNT 1021) performed by Richard Fuller, Klaus Mertens, Jaap Ter Linden and Daniel Sepec. MA 98 10 839.

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